Sunday, 19 December 2010

Proper Heat – We Are Ready EP

Okay, I'm giving up all hope of any sort of genre-based consistency here, as we take a leap from the loopy techno of Lutzenkirchen (below) straight into the nu-disco vibes of Proper Heat, an outfit from Lithuania headed by Martin Virgin. Good job he's from Lithuania, really. A name like that would have been a serious liability at any English school.

But seriously, folks… this is a pretty cool EP, especially if you like your nu disco from that floaty, proggy and somewhat epic end of the spectrum where you suspect it secretly wants to be the middle bit from The Man With The Red Face. The rather ’80s-sounding vocal isn't really my cup of tea but lots of you don't seem to mind that sort of thing, and it's easy to imagine this going down well with fans of Trentemøller, Lindstromm and other Scandolearic faves.

In total there are four mixes of We Are Ready itself – of which I personally would plump for the Max Essa Disco Dub – plus bonus cut Dance Above, which is a bit less floaty, a bit more funky, and all the better for it.

Out: This week

About: This is on Nang Records, who of course have had TONS of love on this blog so here's their website and let's move on…

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