Monday, 27 December 2010

Blakula - Permanent Midnight [Library Versions]

About four or five months ago, I reviewed Blakula's album Permanent Midnight in the pages of iDJ, calling it: "an arty, avant garde kind of affair […] probably one more for the connoisseurs rather than the dancefloor masses, and certainly best appreciated in its entirety, which means at home". Well, now five tracks from said "horror-themed nu-disco concept album" get a new lease of after-life, as they're reinvented in library music/soundtrack stylee.

So atmospheric drones, doleful minor piano chords, ominous footsteps and spookily creaking rusty door hinges are the order of the day. There's nothing here you'd want to dance to at all - rather, it's the sort of thing you'd use as a soundbed for your next spoof gothic horror short, or something.

An interesting oddity… albeit not really why we dance at all!

Out: Now

About: Like the original album, this comes atcha on Bear Funk, who are surely to be applauded for not being afraid to try something a little different.

Oh yeah, and Blakula's lifestory would seem to be an interesting one. That is, if the press release is to be believed, but I can't imagine they'd make up stories, can you?

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