Friday, 24 September 2010

Another quick round-up doodahmajig

Well, as ever the best laid plans etc - blame a very hectic month at one my regular daytime employers Music Tech - so again not got as much blogged this week as I'd hoped. And this weekend there's loads of downloads to catch up with plus my iDJ reviews to write… plus I appear to be going to a bellydancing competition, somewhat randomly... so here, just quickly, are some freshly-issued recordings of popular music that I'd strongly advise you to seek out… with apologies to the artists/labels concerned that it's not a full review this time out!

Morning Factory – Dazin' EP (2020Vision)
Ralph Lawson's label show why they're still at the top of the deep house tree after all these years with this debut release from Morning Factory, a Dutch twosome named after a Trent/Damier track dontchaknow? Three tracks of quality contemporary-sounding deep house, plus more downtempo cut Dedication, make this one to check for sure.

Deepak Sharma & Dieter Krause – The Great Lawn
(Hidden Recordings)
Seem to have lost any info on this I may have had but it's good, one to check if you like your house deep and just a little wee bit on the techy side. Mixes come from Alexi Delano, Alland Byallo, Ambivalent, Andrea Ferlin, Andrew Grant, Argenis Brito and also some people whose names DON'T begin with A, to wit DJ Seoul and Franklin Da Costa. With that many rubs there's bound be at least one ya'd play...

The Suppliers – Lost Count
(Bad Pony)
One for the tech-house or 'house/techno' lovers here, on a label I don't know much about and with a little of that off-kilter Balkan feel thrown in. Remixes from Fady Ferraye, Tone Depth, J.O.S.H, Raxon and D-Slide & Doxx. Some of 'em are a bit too techy for me, others though aren't so investigate for yourself!

City Soul Project – Something With Jazz (NuLogic)
Not quite sure what the deal is with this one in terms of other mixes, a proper release date, etc. What I CAN tell you is that it's a new deep house sub-label from the SK Supreme stable, and like pretty much everything this not-so-mysterious duo have done, the track is a wicked slice of old skool-sounding house that will have the older heads/ageing cheesy quavers drooling, with some fine understated, almost Balearic-sounding pianos, some melancholy sax and a couple of wicked slap bass breaks to inject a little good-times energy.

Good Parts – You Say It… We Edit! EP (Star-fi Recordings)
After the Star-Fi boys kindly gave TIWWD an exclusive on that Voodoo Ray bootie, could hardly overlook their latest release now could I? Thankfully no boy's own nepotistic back-slapping is required, as this three-tracker of re-edits of (very obscure) disco cuts is easily up to their usual GP high standards. I do know what the three edited tracks are BTW but I'm not gonna spoil it – or pretend I'd heard them all before (one I did know, two are making their My World debut in GP re-edit form).

D-Pulse – On A Highway To Saturn (Nang)
Apparently some thieving bastard Bristol postie got a nice bundle of Nang vinyl recently, cos I know I certainly didn't – ah well thanks anyway Emily! This latest from the Nang stable pursues the usual nu-disco direction, this time out with some mixes (the Jan Ken Po Instrumental, for instance) that will appeal as much to the deep house heads as to the nu-disco beards, while at the other end of the spectrum, Sare "it's that man again!" Havlicek serves up a rub that's a treat for those with a penchant for the analogue-tastic and unashamedly kitsch. A very solid package all round, then.

*** Please note that ALL OF THE ABOVE came out this week so are still nice and fresh for your floor… now go seek! ***

PS I didn't do very well at keeping it brief, did I? Ah well (again).

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