Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Russo - Manitoba EP

Well well well… here's a new label to me and they actually hail from Bradford, where I grew up. No-one comes from Bradford (apart from New Model Army and Kiki Dee) so that got my attention for a start.

Russo, who's a tender 23 years of age, doesn't come from Bradford either, sadly. He comes from Southend-On-Sea, but still. This EP features two tracks, Manitoba and Fuck My MPC, with several varied mixes of each (from Cecile & Huxley, Saytek, Nick Jun, Youandewan and Nitin), which I'm not gonna go into one-by-one. But essentially, Manitoba is a very pleasing near-instrumental groove coming from that place where deep house and deep techno collide, while Fuck My MPC features an unattributed male voice telling us that a lot of people go home and take a bath, a lot of people go home and fuck their wife, a lot of people go home and cut the grass... he goes home and (I quote) "I fuck that motherfucking MPC all night long".

Now, call me old-fashioned but if I was gonna indulge in such idiosyncratic sexual activities, I'd probably want to keep it to myself. Still, it's another pretty damn fine deep house/techno joint, a little more bumpin' this time, and each to their own. Just don't buy any musical equipment off him on eBay, is all I'm saying.

Out: It just says September, so at some point in the next 30 days. Well, 29 days and three hours, now.

About: This comes atcha on Fullbarr Digital, who as I've said are based in my home town (as was) of sunny Bradford, home of the almighty conquering BCFC, the Bradford Bulls who unlike BCFC actually win stuff occasionally which is quite good even if it is rugby, the National Film & Photography Museum or whatever it's called now, periodic race riots, the Yorkshire Ripper, my old school, Dennis Healey and the best curry in the world. Sorry, I've gotten a bit bogged down in the Bradford thing, haven't I? Anyway, always happy to support so here's links to their:

Soundcloud page where you HEAR THESE TRACKS

and Blogspot, er, blog where there's lots more info and video links n' stuff

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