Friday, 3 September 2010

Kiki - Cinema Obscura

Definitely been feeling the techier vibes a lot more lately... still not a fan of out-and-out techno on the whole (particularly not those glitchy drums that techno-types seem so fond of these days) but tech-house and that whole German house/techno thing, yeah, definitely. Hence, Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control label, as I think I've said before, has gone from being a label I used to never really like anything on, to being on my 'mild levels of excitement when a new release lands in the inbox' list.

Not saying EVERYTHING on Bpitch Control floats my boat, but quite a lot has lately, and this does. Four tracks, all operating in that house/techno hinterland that a lot of stuff coming out of Germany and Eastern Europe seems to these days. I'm particularly liking the deep dancefloor vibes of the Subb-An Remix of Good Voodoo – not sure if this is the same Subb-An who we featured in Ones To Watch in iDJ years ago or not (and if it is, say hello Ash!) – but Sumore is good too with its rolling house-y vibe and wonk-jazz strutter Damaja ain't half bad either...

Out: This week

About: Er, said all I've got to say about Bpitch Control really! And I don't really know anything about Kiki except that his real name's Joakim Ijäs, so here's the Bpitch Control website and let's just leave it at that.

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