Thursday, 2 September 2010

Hain Dutt - In & Out

A quality slab of proper house music deepness here, with two tracks called In and Out (see what they've done there?), plus remixes by a Dactilar Remix of the former and a Sebbo & Agent Remix of the latter.

In isn't exactly groundbreaking, it's really just yer typical deep house 'midtempo beats and pads'-type affair... which is another way of saying I'm loving it, of course! Mellow vibes to soothe your soul. Sebbo & Agent's Remix is just a teeny, tiny bit more dancefloor, though only for the most specialist of clubs even so.

And Out? Well, more of the same really, except with some snippets of spoken vocal and a fatter b-line that's a little bit Chi-town, a little bit Detroit. Sebbo & Agent's remix of this one makes the most of the that bass squelch and is the rub that could see this working on those floors where they like it tech-y and Berlin-ish.

All told, a very solid bet indeed for the deeper heads, even if it's unlikely to win many new converts to the cause.

Out: Monday (6 September)

About: This is on Clock Records, a new Barcelona-based label (this is only their third release) co-owned by Dutt himself. You may remember Clock was also responsible for the excellent Deepah by Carl Handbig, which has been a bit of a fave for me this year… can't seem to find a website though so if anyone can help on that score, please do!

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