Monday, 20 September 2010

Stuff we missed last week - a round-up

Got quite busy last week and hence a few things I'd planned to blog about got overlooked, so let's just rattle through 'em quickly.

Conan Liquid – Disco Sux 2 EP (MN2s)
A second EP of disco-house goodness from Conan Liquid here. Doesn't break any new ground really but there's a lot of interest in this sort of stuff at the moment, innit? If pushed I'd say Twisted Tabs is my fav but all three tracks will do the do.

S.N.U.S – Everyman
(Forbidden Fruit)
Techy deep house with a soulful male vocal and a hint of vintage Chi-town. Comes from Leeds-based label Forbidden Fruit, courtesy of a Swedish/Geordie duo. Remixes come from Raymond Rodriguez and Audiobliss, the latter chopping up the vox à la Todd Edwards/MK.

St Plomb – Precious Soul (Perspectiv)
Another soul-infused joint, this time from Ripperton's label. The 'soul' is as much in the melodic overall vibe as it is in the disjointed vocal snips, which are actually quite few and far between, and there are three quite different mixes: the original is a languid warm-up/Ibiza sunset kind of affair, Soulfiction's Kinda Dub is a druggy deep house groover and Jackmate's NDS Boogie adds some serious funk.

Chuck Cogan – The Inside EP (Ooze Recordings)
A bit of a departure for TIWWD, this one: it's a two-tracker of downtempo/leftfield synth-led electronica. It's good though, vaguely Philip Glass-ish with a bit of nu-disco in the sound selection, and will suit those very, very late night moments nicely.

Out: Now (all of 'em)

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