Monday, 20 September 2010

Mr V - Mix The Vibe

You might be a bit like me. You might come from Bradford, have a funny non-bending toe where you broke it once, and own a stupid number of toy robots. That'd be spooky.

Or, you might be a bit like me and have fallen a bit out of love with 'soulful house' in the past year or two, particularly when everyone's so obsessed with Latin/Afro rhythms and those good old-fashioned fat basslines and thumping 4/4s are in such short supply from your traditional soulful house faves.

Well, in that case you might not expect a huge amount from the new Mix The Vibe album - the 20th in King Street's mix comp series… but you'd be surprised. Cos while the album does take in a few of those wispy, Afro-y type numbers, Mr V actually takes us on quite a varied ride all told, with big synth/organ lines providing much of the dancefloor thrills and several hip-house vocals to liven up proceedings (I'm a bit of a sucker for hip-house vocals – who isn't?). With tracks and mixes from the likes of Moodymanc, Kruse & Nuernberg and Ivan Ianobucci as well as the more expected likes of Ananda Project, Stephanie Cooke and Roland Clarke, this is definitely worthy of your attention.

Oh yeah, and if you're not like me, and you're still a soulful house diehard, then you'll probably love it too – just maybe for different tracks.

Out: Next week (September 27)

About: This is the 20th in the Mix The Vibe series, so you shouldn't really need too much explaining, but here's the obligatory King Street weblink in case you need to know more.

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