Thursday, 9 September 2010

SumSuch - Middle Of Between (On The E18) EP

A quality four-track EP here from Urban Torque, spanning a range of house moods. Lord alone knows what the EP title means (well, the good Lord if he exists and presumably Will SumSuch as well), but the music contained within certainly warrants a listen.

Probably my favourite track is the equally peculiarly-titled Arms Too Short 2 Box With God, which is deep house, but with a techy bent and just a hint of acid towards the end. Quiet Times and Ground Down operate in that territory where progressive and deep house meet (for the first hour of a Digweed or Cattaneo set, for instance), while Punavuori Nights further expands the EP's house palette with its mellower pace and chill-out-style female vocal (though don't get it twisted, there's a little acid squelch to it as well and it's still aimed at the dancefloor).

The production throughout is sumptuous without being over-fussy or ornate, making this an EP that could find friends among househeads of many persuasions. To HEAR THESE TRACKS, click here.

Out: This week

About: Urban Torque are, as I've pointed out several times recently, definitely back on a roll of late! Find out more about the label at the website.

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