Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Moody Twin - On One EP

Seems like ages since we've had anything from the Star-Fi crew on TIWWD - bar that rather excellent Voodoo Ray bootie that was on the Mixcloud show and downloadable on here, of course. But now, back in the real world of actual records, here comes the latest from Moody Twin, AKA label bosses Tim 'Lo-Fi' Stoakes and Steven 'I Am The Woodstar' Wood.

The On One EP consists of five tracks that sit somewhere on the house/techno border. One and Three are pretty much a straight-up techno affairs, albeit with a decidedly proggy slant on One. Two though is a much housier ditty with an old skool "party people in the house" vocal hook, and comes with a wonkier, quirkier I Am The Woodstar's Game Of Two Halfs Mix (sic). Finally, the Tim Lo-Fi Stoakes Wonkey Keys Mix of Three takes the track into more downtempo territory, in a tripped-out, uneasy listening kinda way.

I described Star-Fi once as 'doing strange new things with house and techno' and this EP is one of their more experimental offerings so far. It's the Chi-town flavours of Two that I'm feeling the most personally, but the EP as a whole definitely deserves your attention.

Out: This week

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