Thursday, 2 September 2010

Le Vinyl - Buen Camino

My good friend DJ Sydney's Tokyo Red label is always a solid bet for the deeper side of tech-house (not to mention some highly distinctive Japanese-themed cover art), and this four-track EP from Barcelona-based artist Le Vinyl, a new name to me, keeps up the usual high quality.

Not got huge amounts to say but four very solid tracks here: three chuggy, chunky groovers in 3 Points, My B-Day and Mimo, plus a rather nice downtempo outing called 6Doble. For me it's a toss-up between 3 Points and My B-Day as to which is my favourite, but suffice to say it's an EP that's well worth investigating. Sorry I'm not waxing more lyrical but it's been a busy, stressful day and I'm getting kinda weary y'knaa...

Out: Tomorrow (3 Sept)

About: Pretty much anything from Tokyo Red Recordings is, as I've said, always worth a listen, so do visit their MySpace, and while you're at it check out Le Vinyl's MySpace as well, where at time of writing you can HEAR THESE TRACKS as well.

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