Thursday, 2 September 2010

Max Essa - White Shoes, Blue Dreams

Seems like a while since there's been any nu-disco on here so let's rectify that right now with this latest from the Bear Funk stable.

Max Essa should be familiar to most by now, but White Shoes is perhaps a touch poppier and less experimental/wonky than you expect. In fact, with those analogue synth sounds and the slightly mournful-sounding, half-sung half-spoken vocal, you can't help conjuring visions of some earnest 80s electropop trio, wearing a touch of blusher, sucking on a lemon drop and staring moodily out of rain-spattered windows as the train pulls out of the Bahnhof Zoo... but then in come some melancholic, meandering geetars to give it a little yacht rock flavour and reassure us it really is a thoroughly post-modern, 21st Century kind of affair.

The Marbella Mix is an instrumental take and is getting my vote, because without the vocal the 80s feeling is somewhat lessened and it takes on more of a groovy, laidback air, while the Robert Auser Mix has just a little more oomph and is probably the best suited for rump-shaking duties. Though you might not want to shake your rump TOO hard in case you messed up your expensive Hoxton haircut! Tee hee.

Out: Monday (Sept 6)

About: Bear Funk you should be familiar with by now, but here's their website, just in case. Oh yeah, and there's a Max Essa album coming soon (his second, after last year's Continental Drift)…

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