Sunday, 12 September 2010

Various - ReWired EP Vol 1

A fine four-track dubstep EP coming from the Studio Rockers camp, whose first compilation album Studio Rockers At The Controls featured as 'compilation of the month' in iDJ not so long since.

Some of you will have heard Pempi's Fire on the last Mixcloud show – a nice dubbed-out rave-ified dancefloor bouncer. Elsewhere on the EP, Cross-Eyed by Albert recalls dubstep's roots – two-step garage stripped down to its very barest bones – while Nu-Pho's Calm represents its more futuristic side, blending fierce, hammering bass wobbles with ethereal-sounding Indian vox and tablas. And finally, Wha' Gwaarn by Dodge Vyrus is the one for those that simply must have it all gnarly n' rude n' up in ya face, yagetmi?

All told then, an EP that showcases the various facets of dubstep in 2010 nicely, and that will be an asset to the box/wallet/virtual crate of lots of DJs as a result. Though Fire and Cross-Eyed are definitely my faves.

Out: This week.

About: You can find out more about Studio Rockers at their MySpace, or preview/buy the entire back cat at Beatport

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