Saturday, 11 September 2010

Alvaro Ernesto - Peruvian Soundsystem

Okay, so having had some retro funk and some big room drum shenanigans, let's return to what this blog knows best with some sumptuous deep house courtesy of Peru's own Alvaro Ernesto.

In its Original form, Peruvian Soundsystem comes from that place where deep and prog meet, though the scales are tipped heavily on the deep side of the equation. It then gets remixed by Oliver Klein and J.A.M.O.N. The latter sticks pretty closely to the Original, just stripping it down a little and holding back on the proggy touches for a more afterhours-style deep house joint, while Klein takes the track into techno territories, albeit techno of an ilk that's still deep and groovy enough to not alienate house crowds.

I'm sticking to the Original but it's a strong package all-round.

Out: This week

About: Ernesto is as I've said from Peru, and this release comes from a label called Chillin Music who I've not come across before I don't think. However, a quick peek at their website (where you can currently HEAR THESE TRACKS, by the way) tells me that this is their 27th release, with previous singles/mixes coming from the very respectable likes of Chuck Love, Sasse, Johnny Fiasco, Alexander East and Sleazy McQueen, among others. And I think they're based in Florida, though I could be wrong.

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