Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tricksi - After & Before EP

There's a track on here called Pill Collins… you've gotta love a record called Pill Collins, really, even if it was a bit a rubbish! Thankfully, it isn't rubbish at all. In fact, it's really rather good and if it's solid, chuggy house grooves with just a hint of techno about 'em you're after, then it'll suit you to a T.

The HOSH Remix of Pill… is the one for dancefloor action, while the Original takes the slo-mo house thing to new levels, essentially sounding like the other mix @ 33. Elsewhere on the EP, Point O is also in a slow-ish kinda vein and has a bit more of a techno influence; not in love with this one so much BUT THEN Chopstick & Johnjon's Remix takes it into far groovier territory, largely dispensing with the techy sounds in favour of a lo-slung vibe that sits somewhere between funk-fuelled deep house, and nu-disco.

Four very varied mixes, then, making for a strong package all round.

Out: Tomorrow (3 Sept)

About: This is on SUOL, which is Chopstick & Johnjon's own label and always worth checking for some quirky house/techno fusions to satisfy the deeper headz. Here's their rather smart-looking website and here's a Soundcloud page where you can HEAR THESE TRACKS and feast your ears on some other SUOL goodness as well. All the rage, these Soundcloud pages, aren't they?

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