Friday, 10 September 2010

Kid Massive & Blacktron - The Drums EP

With an EP title like that, and coming on Stealth, you've probably already got an idea what to expect here, haven't you? You're already anticipating big, drum-driven house made to shift crowds on big dancefloors in Ibiza, aren't you?

Well, you'd be right. But Stealth generally does this kinda thing better than most, and so it is here. Three tracks, of which The Drums itself is my fave, being more in what we might have called a 'New York tracky shit' vein back in the 90s. Medellin and Mama Hey are both okay, but would have suited better were it not for the (slight) flirtation with those electro-y, Dutch kinda sounds. So it's The Drums and its retro Sound Factory kinda vibe for me.

Out: This week

About: Stealth is of course Roger Sanchez's label, and since Rog is officially one of the nicest guys in dance music (or at least always has been every time I've met him), they're always welcome to some love round these parts. The Stealth website can be found here.

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