Saturday, 11 September 2010

A/D/S/R - DJ Whore/Cantaloupe Island (Remixes)

Reviewed the original EP of these two tracks a couple of months ago, now here come new mixes from Dainty Doll and the charmingly-named Bastard Boys (their mothers must be so proud).

The Bastard Boys Remix of Cantaloupe Island is worthy of note since it uses that instantly-recognisable piano riff only quite sparingly, thus rendering it more playable – the original version was a smile-inducer, sure, but did have a whiff of 'novelty' about it. Not convinced the same trick works on DJ Whore – here they've used less of the Bronx-accented girl speaking which was the main thing I liked about DJ Whore in the first place, and without it the track becomes a fairly generic house/techno workout. Never mind though, cos the Dainty Doll Remix is a nice rolling, slightly disco-fied take that gets just a little bit proggy towards the end, and is very playable, though again there's less of the vocal.

Just to save you scrolling down, here's the original review by the way.

Out: This week

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