Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Misstress De Funk - Secret Garden

Not a lot of info on this one, but it's good…

Secret Garden itself comes in two versions, the Original and a Pedramovich Yazdi Remix. The Original sits right on the house/techno border, with a slightly tribal/drummy kinda flavour about it, and you could imagine it slotting into sets for a range of DJs. There's a weird spoken vocal (or rather vocals, cos there are several voices) that raise it from the ranks of mere set-filling fodder, too. Pedramovich Yadzi's remix (or is it Pedramovich's Yadzi Remix? I'm not sure…) is more of the same but with a slightly dubbier, trippier feel.

But the highlight for me here is bonus cut End Of An Era. This is even more drum-oriented and tracky than Secret Garden, but when you realise it's a tribute to/lament for the closing of DC10 that makes perfect sense! Again it comes with a spoken vocal, which in this instance is (I'm told) sampled from an interview with Tania Vulcano about the club's closure. And don't me wrong: it's drummy and tracky, but it's also got a deep, musical vibe that means it'll serve your dancefloor admirably. Go seek.

Out: This week

About: This is on breakoutaudio, a label I'll confess to knowing precisely zero about previously. However, thanks to some special wizard-like powers, and the ability to meld minds and warp the very fabric of the space-time continuum in an endless quest for knowledge – not to mention a quick Google search – I can now tell you that they're based in Leeds, they're run by Darius Syrossian and a bunch of his chums and chumettes, and they once released a single called Knob Farm, which fact alone is enough to make me wish them every success. I think this is #11 out of the breakoutaudio stable; anyway, here are the obligatory website and MySpace links.

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