Saturday, 11 September 2010

Abel Ramos feat Erire - Dream Come True

It's purely coinicidence that this is getting blogged right after the Alvaro Ernesto release, but the one would flow very nicely into the other in a set, I'm thinking. Or at least, the one would flow very nicely into the DJ Bee My Rules Remix of the other.

In Bee's hands, Dream Come True is in a similar deep-but-driving, chuggy style to the Ernesto single, but this time with a full female vocal from the mighty Erire, taking us off on a journey into that 4am, drifty-head, go-all-night zone. Elsewhere, the Original and (naturally) the Radio Edit are in a bit more of a main room, Hed Kandi-type vein. Tthere's a place for that kinda thing, I guess, but it's the DJ Bee mix to head for here, make no mistake.

Out: This week

About: Erire's tonsils have graced lots of house records dating back to the early/mid-’90s, so you surely must know who the gyal is by now! You can learn more about Spain's Abel Ramos from his MySpace, which just leaves me to tell you this on With Love Music, which seems to be part of the Stereo family. Their actual website seems to be down at the mo' so here's a With Love Music Facebook page, MySpace and Soundcloud page instead. You can HEAR THIS at the latter at time of writing.

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