Monday, 13 September 2010

Club Rayo - Floppy Disc EP

A deep/tech house four-tracker here from Club Rayo, who are a bunch of DJs and producers from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Which is an alpha world city, so there (I just found out while checking the spelling).

Anyway sudden misguided forays into global socio-economic rankings aside, the four tracks on offer are Secret, Almost Dress, Lonely Street and Senorita Da Noche. The first two are decent enough techy chuggers, but Senorita Da Noche and Lonely Street are floating my boat more: Senorita, the only vocal number here, does that kind of post-Berlin Prince thang while Lonely Street, well, it's another chugger really, just with a little more texture to it.

Taking the EP as a whole, it might not set your world on fire as such but it'll move dancefloors for sure.

Out: It just says 'mid-September' so round about now, I guess...

About: This comes on Greek label VIM, who can be found online at their website or MySpace. Club Rayo, meanwhile, have had a clutch of previous singles out on Low Pressings, Deep Xperience and their own Club Rayo Disquietes; find out more at their MySpace.

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