Friday, 10 September 2010

Free Rennie Pilgrem nu-funk mix

To celebrate the arrival of his new Street Legal Vol 2 EP, which I'll be bringing you a review of next week cos it's really rather good, Rennie Pilgrem and his team of elves at TCR have been kind enough to present you with a free 60-minute nu-funk mix.

If you don't follow the breaks scene you might not be aware of nu-funk I guess, but basically it's very like old funk... just made by people who used to make breaks, and have now started listening to their old Zapp records again instead :-)

Here's the link to grab the mix

Here's the tracklist:

1. Rennie Pilgrem “Untitled 1’

2. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Untitled 2’

3. Bush Doctors ‘Ghost’

4. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Grasshoppa’

5. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Dubstyle’

6. Unknown ‘Sliding’

7. Rennie Pilgrem vs Ellis Dee ‘Brick Hausen’

8. Cashflow (Rennie Pilgrem Edit) ‘Party Freak’

9. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Dalek’

10. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Untitled 3’

11.Bush Doctors ‘Night Train’

12. Bush Doctors ‘Turn It On’

13. Bush Doctors ‘Spacehoppa’

14. Caper ‘Something Else’ (Rennie Pilgrem Mix)

15. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Dubwa’

16. Rennie Pilgrem ‘Ice Cream’

And if you dig the mix, you can buy the excellent new Street Legal Vol 2 EP here

That's all for now.

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