Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Summed & Dot - My Grey Pearl EP

Sorry, sorry, sorry… I know, it's been ages! Been busy (some of the time)/lazy (when not busy). Apologies.

Anyway let's get back into the TIWWD swing nice and gently with this deep techno delight. Alemagno makes me think of being underwater in space, possibly while something a bit sci-fi-y goes on outside. H o T starts off with sampled relaxation tape dialogue but then consists primarily of insistent, not-especially-relaxing deep house/techno beats, and finally Wanna Do is more driving dancefloor tackle, coming complete with a slightly more funktified Pulpyt Edit.

Not got tons to say - hey, I'm outta the habit - but I'd play any/all of these, happily.

Out: This week

About: This is on All Inn Records, a new-ish (this is their seventh release, and I think a few of the others have featured on this blog previously) label out of Romania. Here's their website.

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