Thursday, 28 October 2010

Groove Junkies - In The Zone

Well then… it seems like, just for once, I'm not massively behind with anything work-wise. So now seems like a good time to catch up with some of the better albums I've been sent recently that didn't make it into iDJ. Let's start with this one.

And what a saga it's been with it! First it was about to drop – I got sent the original mixdown nearly two years ago. Then the GJs parted company and it wasn't coming out; then Evan announced he was carrying on the GJs name single-handed, and the album would come out after all; and now, finally, here it is, remastered and rejigged and re-whatever-else'd.

Now then, I've gone on record as having fallen a bit out of love with soulful house over the past year or so, but I've gotta make an exception for this… not just cos Evan is a mate, but because the Groove Junkies (in their original two-piece form) always did the trad, uplifting thing better than most. As such, at a time when not so many people are doing soulful house, they're now doing it FAR better than most.

Besides, you may not be of like mind to me (people sometimes aren't, bafflingly). You may be constantly bemoaning the lack of traditional uplifting, soulful, vocal house goodness to be found in 'record stores' these days. If so, then you need this SO badly, believe. It doesn't veer far from the GJs' usual blueprint, true, but, y'know… read what I just said in the last paragraph!

So yeah, no more waffle, check this if your tastes are on the soulful side. Or if, like me, they're not so much any more… check it anyway. S'good.

Out: Now

About: MoreHouse can be found online here.

PS And for anyone who's wondering what Parrish is up to these days… watch this space, cos I can tell you the big man hasn't thrown in the towel just yet either!

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