Wednesday, 20 October 2010

TNT Inc feat Donal Shefay - Respect Me

Not reviewed much vocal stuff lately, partly because I've not been getting sent as much, partly because I've not been feeling it so much a lot of the time. But Reelgroove are great ones for keeping the trad house flying so they deserve some props…

And this, with it's Chi-town beats, parping organs and a vocal from the Luther/Colonel school of thought, is about as trad as it gets! It even pays homage to Aretha in the chorus, in quite a respectful/non-cheesy way you understand.

The four takes from TNT Inc themselves (Original, Concept Mix, Concept Dub and Filter Dub) are more 'DJ-friendly variations on a theme' than radical reworkings, while the Thomas De Lorenzo Zabriskie Vocal Mix and Latest Craze's two rubs are just a touch more contemporary/funkified. Not a lot going on remix-wise then really but still, if there's a place in your sets for some good ol'-fashioned midtempo house bounce then this'll do the job nicely. And for what it's worth, I think the retro simplicity of the Original Mix works best.

Out: It just says October…

About: This is on Reelgroove, who as stated are veritable stalwarts of vocal house in the UK these days… here's their website.

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