Monday, 11 October 2010

Jazzy Eyewear - Korova EP

So Sound Recordings boss Fabian Giannatasio, AKA Jazzy Eyewear, steps up to the plate for sister label Uma Recordings with this three-tracker.

Korova itself ain't nothing but a tech-house groove: consisting largely of simple looping percussion and a swooping, grinding main synth hook, it's a track that's designed to keep bodies moving on dancefloors, pure and simple. And it sets the mood for the rest of the EP, with Scarlett and Hypnotized both similarly functional, tracky affairs, though to be fair there's a little more texture to the latter, thanks not least to the whispered, breathless female vocal.

We all need some 'tracky shit' in our boxes/wallets/crates though, and right now this'll do nicely.

Out: This week

About: As discussed this is on So Sound offshoot Uma, though I'm not sure what the difference is supposed to between the two. Have a look at the So Sound website to find out more (it appears to be out of action as I write but hopefully that's just a blip).

And if you like the Korova EP, it's actually just one of three from Fabian recently – there's also Peach Boys tribute The Wait, as well as the more soulful Where's The Love? under his Mr Morning guise, both out now on So Sound.

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