Thursday, 14 October 2010

Darlyn Vlys - Soleil Levant

Definitely seem to have gotten on a bit of a techy tip today (happens more and more lately). Actually saying that, this five-track EP comprises mostly leftfield disco-y business which is… okay. But it's the remix of Between Us by label boss AFFKT I want to talk about, which is an irresistible slab of house/techno/disco jackery that you could imagine anyone from Dave Angel to Sneak dropping. And I'm a sucker for cut-up, breathy female vocal snippets like those.

Not much else to say, just go find it…

Out: This week on vinyl, next week digitally.

About: This comes atcha on new label (this is only their second release) Sincopat, who appear to be based in Spain even though Vlys and AFFKT are both French… anyway here's their website and Soundcloud page.

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