Wednesday, 6 October 2010

George Horn - Hypnotizing

I go through phases with records sometimes, do you, where you just keep playing one thing over and over? Like first thing every day, twice, for a week?

Well, I do, anyway. And one of the records I sometimes do that with, the record I've been doing that with lately, is Do It To The Music by Raw Silk, possibly one of the finest records ever made. IMHO. So this little nugget of deep house with its sample from that very same classic couldn't have timed its arrival better, really.

Five shades of deep dancefloor house, all with that sample (albeit used quite sparingly), and if you can't find something to play here then you're probably reading the wrong blog… personally I'm least convinced by the added Detroit strings on the Kyka Dub, and probably most pleased by the 'disco in space' feel of the Chris Girard Remix, but like I say there's plenty to enjoy…

Out: This week

About: This is the first thing I've reviewed in a while I think from Dave Storm's Cabrio/Ceremony stable, and it's good to hear 'em still as dependable as ever! Website here.

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