Sunday, 10 October 2010

Martin Dawson - Double Six EP

A five-track EP on Kling Klong, featuring two mixes apiece of the title track and the oddly-titled Running To Sthlm, plus bonus cut Indo Thodes.

As with the Sean Biddle release below, heads-down main room house is the order of the day here, mostly… the kind of thing that you know will work well on a Saturday night, but that it's hard to get over-excited about on a grey Sunday morning just after breakfast! But it WILL work, and I will say I'm preferring the straight-up Deutsch house of Running To Sthlm to the mild Afro-isms of Double Six, though. Mix-wise, I'd go for the original of Running or the Ramon Topia remix of Double Six.

However, it's Indo Thodes that I'm liking the most, personally. It's still tuff and energetic enough for floor play even in bigger rooms, but it's just a little deeper/more musical as well, with some Rhodes action I think you'll enjoy…

Out: This week

About: Germany's Kling Klong has definitely been on a roll this year – here's their website. Martin Dawson, BTW, my be more familiar to you as one-half of Two Armadillos, or his collab with Glimpse, Flying Scotsman.

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