Sunday, 10 October 2010

Green Street - Full Moon Hustle

Seeing as we've just been talking about one Nocturnal Recordings release, thought now would be a good time to squeeze a mention for this one in as well!

Full Moon Hustle, as the last word of the title suggests, sees PV in full-on disco house mode. The Original is my favourite, with some seriously LUSH 1970s soaring strings action. The Green Street Remix, meanwhile, ups the tempo a notch, drives the loudness meters into the red and rocks the filters like it was 1998 all over again... but you'll find no grumbles here.

Out: Now-ish, I believe?

About: …and here's the Nocturnal Recordings MySpace again. A closer look at which tells me this actually came out a couple of weeks ago. Doh! But sod it I've written this now.