Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Einmusik - Silk N Saw EP

All I can tell you about Einmusik is that his real name is Samuel… and that here he delivers three cuts of driving, uptempo tech-house for his own new(-ish) Hamburg-based label Einmusika.

Actually, it might as well be two because TBH, there's not a lot to tell the Original and Live Set mixes of the title track apart. Still, both Silk N Saw and Papée will keep your dancefloor moving nicely, with crisp, insistent beats, rolling basslines and much synth wibblery being the order of the day in both instances.

Both tracks are instrumentals, bar some distant-sounding, disembodied vocal snips on Papée, and both clock in at 126bpm – though there's so much energy to 'em you'll get the impression they go faster…

Out: This week

About: As I said, not a lot in the way of info sent with this one but if you want to find out more or to HEAR THESE TRACKS, hit up the Einmusika website or MySpace.

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