Thursday, 14 October 2010

Bottin presents Tinpong - New Religion

Something of a change of tack from Bottin here, as he eschews the usual synth-tastic analogue/Italo bizniss in favour of something far more organic and funky. With a fast-paced female vocal that variously recalls smoky late-night jazz dives and late 70s NYC art school sleaze - with a touch of the Tracey K/Crazy P's thrown in – sitting atop some quality slap bass action, this is definitely worth checking EVEN IF previous Bottin efforts haven't floated your boat.

Marcus Marr's remix then takes us on a lo-slung nu-disco dark room grooveathon, while Pete Herbert supplies a trio of slightly housier rubs. But it's a toss-up between the Original and Marr's mix for me.

Out: This week

About: This is actually a Duran Duran cover apparently, but thankfully not having been a Duranie back in the early 80s I wouldn't know... and it's out on Nang, who've had so much love on this blog it's getting embarrassing, but here's the Nang website anyway.

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