Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sean Biddle - Droppin' Science EP

To my dearest blog,

I'm sorry, I know things between us haven't been what they once were, and I know that's largely my fault. I haven't been paying you the attention you deserve.

In my defence, I've been kinda busy what with one thing and another (like a Music Tech redesign)... plus the number of promos coming in just gets ridiculous sometimes and it's hard to keep up with everything... but you've been the one to suffer, and I'm sorry.

I will try hard to do better from now on, and yes I know you've heard that before, but please give me another chance...


PS Oh the Sean Biddle record? Four tracks of no-nonsense big room driving house, all called things like Electron and Atomic Mass, with a techy edge here and a disco squiggle there. Won't win any Nobel Innovation prizes, will move bodies on dancefloors nicely.

Out: This week

About: The Droppin' Science EP comes to you courtesy of Nocturnal Recordings - find 'em on MySpace or buy their shizzle at Trackitdown.

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