Sunday, 10 October 2010

SQware – Départ EP

Something of an oddity of an EP, this, refusing to slot neatly into any one genre.

The title track is a big, throbbing, dramatic techno number. But it's actually pretty cool as big, throbbing, dramatic techno goes… Short Room I'm less convinced by (I suspect people who make techno of having once been into Jean-Michel Jarre, and records like this are why) but then you get Kaese, which is still a bit 'ooh look at me and my analogue synth' but does have a nice rompy, almost discofied feel to it.

And then you get 1987, which in its original is a vaguely Leftfield/Spooky/Underworld-ish, breaks-y techno affair – okay if you like that sort of thing – but then gets twisted into something somewhere between dubstep and chill-out on its bass-heavy Hybu Dub, a track which could appeal to the deep house sofa surfers and which is the real reason why the EP is featured here.

Like I said then, a very mixed bag – but in the sense that mixed bags can be good things.

Out: This week

About: With releases from the likes of King Roc, Toob, Corrugated Tunnel and Abe Duque, Process Recordings (who bring you this) have carved out a niche for themselves at the more forward-thinking end of house/techno/electronic music. Find out more here.

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