Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hot Toddy - Late Night Boogie

Crazy P's Chris Todd, AKA Hot Toddy, drops his second solo album, a mere nine years after his first one (Supermagic, which came out on Paper).

As the title suggests, the primary point of reference here is early 80s boogie/electrofunk, with a dose of Californian jazz-fusion thrown in (dig that slap bass and those meandering gee-tars), and it's mostly a midtempo affair, though there are tracks – All Night and bubblin' acid soul cut Won't Let Go – that have a housier feel. To be honest, it's not hugely, HUGELY different from a Crazy P album (a Crazy P album produced by Roger Troutman, maybe?), especially given that fellow P-ers Danielle Moore and Tim Davies guest on two tracks apiece. But then you know how well Crazy P do this kind of stuff, don't you?

Personal highlights include the very Om-y previous single Down To Love (featuring Jennifer Rhonwen) and Critical, which comes on like car-chase funk for the slowest car chase in history, but it's a very fine set all round, I think you'll find…

Out: This week

About: This is actually the first album on Smoke And Mirrors, which is a new Om offshoot. Not quite sure what the remit is but anyway you can HEAR THE ALBUM (or even buy it) here.

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