Sunday, 10 October 2010

Riccicomoto - Out There Part 2 EP

Quite simply, this is the best thing I've been sent in ages. Four tracks of proper deep house goodness, all on a dubbed-out kinda tip but all quite varied as well.

The EP kicks off with the Empire Cannibal Dub of Assimilatione, which features a somewhat unusual ragga vocal slung over dubby, tech-house beats, in which he appears to be informing us that he's going to eat our liver. Which is all quite irregular, unless of course I'm hearing it wrong in a 'kiss this guy' comedic fashion. Wicked, wicked tune though!

Next up is Quasar, presented here in its Tango Control Dub form. This one's more of a sofa-surfer, with sampled speech from space missions (and a background crackling that we're told is the sound of the Andromeda galaxy) atop laidback but insistent 4/4s and pads a mile wide.

Sono Vera (in Disco Futura Dub form) is more experimental, bringing a slightly psychedelic/space rock kinda feel to the party, though still within deep house territory. If you dig The Time & Space Machine you'll love this. And finally, Starfield [Humility Dub Session] is the deepest and dubbiest of the lot, and another corker.

So much for describing what the tracks sound like, as for what they FEEL like I strongly suggest you dim the lights, lean back, spark up a fatty and enjoy for yourself! Like I said, this is just ridiculously good, especially Assimilatione which is a cert for the next Mixcloud show if I can get my arse in gear.

Out: This week

About: Riccicomoto is German and has had stuff out on Italy's mighty Irma Records, but this comes on Permanent Damage, who are based in Bermuda of all places apparently… more info here.

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