Thursday, 14 October 2010

Funk D'Void & Pedro Galante - Safado

Right, well it seems to be techno day here at TIWWD so here's more of it… albeit techno of the deep, heads-down chugging variety that appeals to deep house heads just as much. Back in the day we used to go to The Womb in Manchester which was a bit of a Detroit heads' affair, this kinda reminds me of the sort of thing you used to hear there.

But then coming from Funk D'Void that shouldn't be much of a surprise, and when I tell you there's remixes from Paul Woolford and Ramon Topia as well, you'll know the kind of house/techno meltdown to expect here. Special mention also to Satoshi Fumi, whose Nu Or and NuJuddzy mixes take us on a back-to-89 Balearic house/deep NJ garage kinda tip, complete with cheesily parping 80s sax!

Out: This week on Beatport only, full release next month.

About: This is on US label Electrik Soul, which is run by DJ Onionz - here's their Soundcloud page and there's plenty more info at the Onionz website.

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