Sunday, 10 October 2010

Homework - Trumpet Express EP

Trends in house music being what they are, at some point the whole Balkan, gypsy jazz thing is gonna die down at some point, innit?

That shows no sign of happening just this second, though, so there's still plenty of time to get on this, cos for now at least the title cut is a surefire floor-burner. With just a hint of Arabic/Egyptian flavours, it's like you've gotten waylaid in a Marrakech opium den some time in the 1920s, only you're with a bunch of Slavs, they've discovered Ecstasy by accident and they're all taking their shirts off and dancing on tables. Well, it's a bit like that. You get the idea…

As for the other tracks, Rules Of Hip is a more percussive deep house dancefloor workout with sampled 1950s hipster speech - very William S Burroughs - while Behind The Fence is a bit more techy/German-sounding in terms of the beats, but redeems itself from me-too'dom thanks to a dreamy/trippy sampled female vocal - no idea what it is but if you told me it was from, say, some smoochy 70s Minnie Ripperton soul cut I'd believe you! Think of that Ashley Beedle remix of Bent that sampled Captain & Tenille... something like that.

All told, a very worthwhile EP right now, though as discussed the title cut's longevity may be in question.

Out: This week.

About: This is on Germany's Made To Play, who should need no introduction by now – website here or you can check out HEAR THESE TRACKS (be quick) on Soundcloud.

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