Monday, 1 November 2010

DJ EQ - Neo Tokyo EP

Not sure if Sean Biddle's Bid Muzik has ever featured on this blog before, but they've been doing their very best lately to spearhead a disco-house revival, with releases coming thick and fast, so it's about time we showed some love.

Admittedly, one or two Bid Muzik releases have wandered too far into the realms of mere late 90s filter-disco pastiche. This, though, treads a slightly less obvious/immediate path, and hence is all the more satisfying - and with four equally playable tracks on offer, it's also good VFM. All four come on like a slightly more understated Joey Negro (minus vocals), but could still fairly be described as peaktime workouts. You'd want the crowd to be moving already, but if they are then drop a track or two from this EP and watch the energy shift up a notch!

Out: As long ago as Oct 22! So I'm nine days late – I hang my head in shame.

About: You can find out more about Bid Muzik at Sean Biddle's MySpace, though it doesn't look to have been updated for a while; they've presumably been too busy turning out singles at a rate of knots.

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