Saturday, 27 November 2010

Laid Back - Cocaine Cool

I'm guessing most of you punk-funk/disco-not-disco enthusiasts will have come across this already cos there's certainly been plenty of hype about it! But anyway, it's out this week so in case it hadn't registered on your radar yet…

Cocaine Cool is the real vintage deal, taken from the same 1981 sessions that gave the world the classic White Horse. This track, though, was apparently surpressed by their record label at the time, on the grounds that the lyric was too near the knuckle. Hard to imagine now cos it's not a eulogy to Boutros or anything, it just happens to mention cocaine in the chorus. But then the early 80s were a different time - trust me, I remember them well! It wasn't like today when, as Jez from Peep Show so eloquently put it, "Everyone agrees: drugs are fine now".

Anyway, if you dig White Horse – and who doesn't? – then you're gonna dig Cocaine Cool, too. End of.

Out: This week

About: This little gem has been unearthed for you by Laid Back themselves, and is to be found on their own Brother Records, distributed by Word + Sound. More info here.

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