Saturday, 20 November 2010

TBF - Technology EP

A three-track EP here from Tiberu Fratila, who hails from Bucharest in Romania and goes under the nomme du guerre of TBF.

Technology itself is a percussive affair and kind of jazzy, with lots of brushed snares and rising horn blasts underpinning some guy's voice taking about, well, technology. Disco Daze is also very percussion-led but more disco-fied as you might expect, and then finally Smile Baby Smile maintains the disco vibe but this time in a slightly more driving, uptempo kinda way, complete with sunny, uplifiting harmonised chorus.

All told, a solid offering from a producer who's new to me but who's apparently also had stuff out on various labels, including DJ Sneak's Oomph.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Jump Recordings, which is an offshoot of techno/tech-house label Resource Records and based in San Jose, California. Here's their website.

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