Saturday, 6 November 2010

This week's releases pt1

Not had much blogging time free this week, so now it's the weekend, let's try and catch up with some of the past week's single releases, shall we?

Alex Gomez & Bias
To me, Wally Lopez's Factoria imprint is always at its best on those releases with less of a tribal, more a straight-up house bent, and so it is here. Four mixes to choose from: the jaunty, strutting original, a more teched-out rub from Kolombo and two slightly deeper mixes from Brothers Vibe. The latter would be my pick but it's a solid bet whichever mix you plump for.

Out: This week
About: You can HEAR/BUY this at the Factoria website

Erphun & Subfractal
This is about as techno as TIWWD ever cares to get… but as techno goes, Dopamine is pretty groovy, in dark, druggy kinda way. B-side Substance Abuse is in a similar vein. Not much more to say really, it's just Saturday night dancefloor workout bizniss.

Out: This week
About: This is the debut release on Brood Audio, which is Erphun's own brand spanking new label based in sunny Los Angeles.

Beat Of This, Beat Of That EP
I don't think D'Julz's Bass Culture has put a foot wrong for me yet. This, their 11th release, comes from Athens-based multi-instrumentalist Lemos and is another fine slab of deep house, perhaps on a slightly techier tip than normal but still certain to keep floors moving. Four separate tracks on offer, with the trippy, twisted disco-prog of the aptly-named Freaquent my pick, though the stabs on Output warrant some attention too.

Out: This week
About: You can hear this at the Bass Culture MySpace, or here's their actual website

Lewis B
Dark Clouds
Don't seem to have had any dubstep on here lately (er, apart from the Diplo comp) so let's remedy that with this fine offering from Lewis B. One from the deeper end of the dubstep spectrum, it's a mellow affair flirts with jazz as well as having a decidedly garage-y feel, and as such is probably one for the older heads rather than the trucker-capped kiddies… which is of course a very good thing. Is this what they're calling 'future garage'? Cos that's not a term I've really understood yet, I don't think. But whatever you want to call it, let's have more of this and less of the Stella'd-up horror soundtrack rubbish, shall we?

Out: Actually, it just says November. So if not sometime in the past six days, then sometime in the next 24. If I've counted right.

About: This is on Smokin' Sessions, a label that's been pushing the deeper, more musical side o of dubstep for a while - very satisfactorily, to these ears. Can't seem to find a website as such but you can HEAR a load of their shizzle at Juno.

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