Saturday, 13 November 2010

Lewis Keykay - Humankind

Another newie from Manchester Underground Music (see Rulers Of The Deep review, below), this time with more mixes than you could shake a stick... well, I say that, but never having seen you wave a stick, I've actually no idea how many mixes you might be able to do it to... so scratch that. Er… this time with LOTS of mixes, seven of 'em to be precise, covering a range of styles from out-and-out techno to dark and groovy tech-house.

Not being much of a techno person, I'd suggest that househeads are best sticking to the Original or Curious George & The Agent mixes, but those are definitely worth investigating. And if you DO like it a bit more techno then you'll be very happy indeed cos there's, like, five more mixes for you!

Out: This week

About: I'm sure you're familiar with MUM by now but here's their MySpace and Facebook pages anyway...

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