Monday, 29 November 2010

P'taah - Fade Away

On this evidence, one might safely assume that the P'taah gang have at least a few Faze Action records in their collections… this is exactly the kind of deep house/disco fusion bizniss that the brothers Lee have made their speciality.

That almost sounds like it could be taken as a diss, but it's not meant as one: I love Faze Action and I love this. I should mention, by the way, that both mixes are from those Silver City scamps, so I guess they're as much to blame as P'taah. If pushed, I'd go for the Take Me To The Subtle Mix rather than the Space Mix, but both are groovy as you like.

So yes, this is deep house/disco tackle that sounds a bit like Faze Action, by Silver City. So you probably realise by now that you need to get hold of a copy forthwith, right?

Out: This week

About: P'taah are of course regulars over at the mighty King Street, though usually doing more wispy, soulful kinda stuff than freaky get-downs like this-y here. This actual release is flying the newer Street King flag and is further proof of that label's shift from shouty 'attitude-y' noo rave electro bollocks, into quality contemporary house. More on all things King Street here.

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