Saturday, 27 November 2010

Frankie Feliciano - Soulful House Journey sampler

So, Soulful House Journey is a new mix album on King Street, and this is a sampler EP featuring three tracks culled from the album, courtesy of Frankie Feliciano presents Real Thing, Tomo Inoue feat Stephanie Cooke and DJ Oji presents Original Man.

Feliciano/Real Thing's own Moving On gets the EP started. It's a gently rolling, somewhat Afro-inspired affair that will suit today's soulful crowds, though a little lacking in oomph for me personally. Better by Inoue & Cooke is, er, better: the basic soulful house backdrop doesn't do anything a million similar tracks don't, but Ms Cooke's tonsils can cover a multitude of sins. And then with Watch Dem Swing from Oji we're back to the Afro percussion that everyone on the soulful scene sounds so obsessed with these days, which isn't particularly exciting, though the use of the urgent-sounding, endlessly repeating spoken vocal sample ("watch dem swing/watch dem move") is interesting and lifts it above the morass. There are some killer organs later on as well.

All told, it's an EP that will suit the soulful house diehards down to the ground, so more power to King Street's elbow - even if I personally am finding it harder to get too worked up by stuff like this these days.

Out: This week

About: Find King Street online here.

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