Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Gys - Tyrants

This just landed today, and it's out today. Check TIWWD out for being ride on time. Oh yeah, and this is very, very good, as well. As has pretty much everything on Defchild been to date, so if you don't know the label I suggest you check out the links below.

Tyrants uses what sound like dialogue snippets from an old 1940s film noir or something, and swims down yer Basic deep dub techno Channel, while Caving & Crushing more a deep house affair. That's purely by way of offering some kind of description, y'understand – they're not that far apart stylistically at all and if you like one, you'll like the other for sure. R.Audiard supplies a remix of C&C while label boss Ruohu Ruotsi does the honours on the title cut, but to be honest all four tracks are equally high quality.

Out: Today

About: As far as I can see no-one else talks about Defchild much, but their music is out of this world. I seriously suggest you hit up their website and Soundcloud page to find out more (you can HEAR THIS at the Soundcloud link).

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