Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Joolzski - Consciousness EP

A slightly tuffer number than usual from the ever-checkable Unrivaled Music, Consciousness itself is a piece of driving, rolling tech-house with quite a lot of beats per minute, but also some nice bubblin' aquatic sounds, and some old-skool stabs that make me think of vintage Strictly Rhythm. S'good.

It's accompanied by Jack Your Bomb, a more bleep-y, acid house-y kind of affair with a nice full-phat funky b-line and some great rave-y sounds, and Music, which is also quite bleep-y but this time starting in more of a late-night kinda vein, before really going for it once it's dragged you to your feet. If that makes any sense to anyone other than me.

All told, three tracks of quality, jackin' house music.

Out: This week

About: Unrivaled Music went a bit quiet for a bit but now they're back! Back! BACK!!! (that's an 80s Smash Hits thing, don't worry about it). Find 'em on MySpace here, though you might want to go put the kettle on while the ruddy page loads... or have a game of Monopoly, or translate War & Peace into Sanskrit, or something...

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