Saturday, 27 November 2010

Groovik - The Answer EP

When it comes to old skool heroes, Blake Baxter is right up there in my books. I mention this now because if you agree, then you'll love this latest from Groovik – it couldn't be much more Baxter-esque if it tried!

Just the two mixes to choose from, the Original and an Adam Stolz Remix, and to be honest they're not a million miles apart either. But if the Baxter-ish combo of moody spoken vocals sitting astride deep, techy midtempo beats sounds like it might appeal, then you should check this for sure.

Another point of reference would be Germany's acid house revivalists like Kikumoto All-Stars or Snuff Crew – this is definitely one for the old skool heads, but in the current climate, that makes it paradoxically now-sounding as well!

Out: This week

About: Don't know much about either Groovik or the label, Freaky Vibes, to be quite honest. But I did find a MySpace for the latter...

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