Saturday, 27 November 2010

Da Funk - Come On

Regular readers of TIWWD or iDJ will know I'm a big fan of Switzerland's Da Funk. Here he steps away from his own Acryl Music imprint and drops another killer 12 for Dave Storm's Estonia-based label Cabrio.

What I love about Da Funk's own particular take on house music, is that it manages (almost always) to be both deep and dancefloor at the same time. And so it is here. It's not as out-and-out deep as some of his stuff, thanks partly to chopped-up and treated female vox that make it that little bit more accessible, but the usual high quality standards apply. Four mixes to choose from, of which my pick would be the deeper Direktor Dub, or Kormix's Comedown Remix.

Out: This week

About: Da Funk in real life is Daniel Kneub├╝hler, which I'm glad I'm not having to try to pronounce. Here's his personal website and here's the website for his criminally under-rated Acryl Music label.

Cabrio, meanwhile, is an offshoot of Ceremony Records and you can find out more about both labels by visiting them here.

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