Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dan Ghenacia - Globe/Gentelized

Freak N' Chic boss Dan Ghenacia makes an appearance on Crosstown Rebels with two quality deep house joints.

Globe gets straight down to business with a crisp, clear kick and an understated but funk-fuelled bassline, which continue throughout as first warm, evolving synth washes, then snatches of gaspy female vox and what may or may not be a Prince sample ("yes Lisa"), join the party. The overall result is a midtempo chugger that'll keep 'em moving nicely. On the B, Gentelized (sic) is an even deeper offering with some more gaspy, moany sounds to sex up your dancefloor, or something.

Cah! Those saucy Frenchies, eh? :-)

Out: This week

About: Neither Ghenacia nor Crosstown Rebels need much intro but here's HIS MySpace and THEIR website, just in case…

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