Monday, 8 November 2010

Klartraum - Connected EP

Okay, so now we've finally managed to plough through last week's releases, let's get cracking with this week's! We'll start with this, which is quite a pleasant two-tracker from new-ish label Lucidflow.

Klartraum are in fact Lucidflow bosses Nadja Lind and Helmut Ebritsch, and the music they make - at least the music they've made here - sits in that vague Germanic 'is it house? is it techno?' kinda zone, and at the deeper end of that spectrum. If pushed, I'd say of the two tracks, Angelo is more deep house, while Connected itself is more deep techno, but you know the kind of post-minimal, heavily electronic deepness I'm on about, don't you? I'm not sure about the glitchy drums on Connected, though – not a massive fan of glitchy drums, so it's all about Angelo for me.

Out On Thursday (Nov 11)

About Not sure if I've reviewed (or indeed been sent) anything from Lucidflow before, but this is their 13th release and here's their website so you can find out more. Oh, and here's the increasingly-obligatory Soundcloud page as well, where you can hear/buy some of their other releases

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